• damon albarn's parents: let's make a child with a nose so perfect it will make people cry
Title: Shitelife
Artist: Oasis
Played: 2661 times


Parklife (Blur Cover) - Oasis

Title: Satellite Of Love
Artist: Lou Reed
Played: 156 times

Janis Joplin performing at San Jose Pop Festival, San Jose, California, 1969.


Jeff Buckley by Merri Cyr, December 1995

"Jeff doing interviews…about four or five hours worth. We are at a hotel conference room in Orlando Florida where they bring in a portable bed for Jeff to lie on while he does his interviews. He’s been up all night."
Merri Cyr


im going to go lie down and think about graham coxon. maybe cry a little bit. idk lets see where this goes